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    The first information about the existence of a ballet studio in Baku dates back to 1922. The first document on that is the protocol about the opening of a Ballet Studio under the Central Club named after Ali Bayramov by the decision of the meeting of Azerbaijan SSR People's Educational Commissariat on April 29, 1922.
    On August 18, 1923 in accordance with the decision of the Board of the People's Educational Commissariat there was open a rhythm and dance studio in Baku, and it was called "Ballet studio".
example7     And in 1929 according to the decision of the Board of the People's Educational Commissariat this studio became Baku School of Choreography. During this period, in the years of 1925-1929, the first great master ballerina, people's artist Qamar Almaszade learned the secrets of the art of ballet namely here.
    In 1933 the number of pupils studying at Baku School of Choreography had reached 157 and the education period had raised from 4 years to 9. Choreographer of Opera and Ballet Theatre V.A. Kononovich was appointed the director of the school, professional staff such as N.R. Soboleva, T. Pavlova-Amiraqo, V.M. Yermolayev and I.Q. Kostina were involved in the school's pedagogic personell. Thanks to the active participation of the experts like assistant professor A. Muradov, honored artists of Azerbaijan SSR V. Smoltsov and I. Arbatov, a ballet specialists' preparatory system was formed within a short time, training process at the school was formed and the demonstration of interesting academic performances started. Among these academic performances the ballets of L. Delib "Koppeliya", J. Punini's "Humpbacked father", P. Gertel's "Forest fairy", P. Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty ", A. Badalbayli's "Eagle" made success.
    In 1935 the Ballet School was re-named to Baku Choreographic College with the decision of Azerbaijan SSR Council of People's Education Commissars, in 1962 was re-named to the Baku Choreography School under Ministry of Culture of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic by the decision of Committee on Higher and Secondary Education of Azerbaijan SSR Council of Ministers. During this period it gave progress to the famous ballet masters such as Qamar Almaszade, a teacher at the Baku School of Choreography, Azerbaijan's people's artists Leyla Vakilova, Rafiqa Akhundova, Tamilla Shiraliyeva Chimnaz Babayeva, honored artist Tamilla Mammadova, Vera Tsiqnadze and others.
example7     Namely during these years the folk department at Baku Choreography School was open out of necessity to preserve and promote national dance traditions and to instill in the youth to learn the national dances professionally. And within these years Azerbaijan's people's artists Khumar Zulfuqarova, Afag Malikova, Jamila Bayramova, Roza Jalilova, honored artists Naila Mahmudova, Sabina Gasimova, Elizbar Osmanov and others had got education. In the years of 1950-70 ballet masters such as, honored artists Ramazan and Olga Arifulins, Nelli Bokovets, Gulbaji Hajiyeva, Vladimir Pletnyov, Gizgayit Xudaqulu qizi, Larisa Yegorova, Emma Karimova, Zarifa Abbasova, Victoria Dankevic, Alina Isakzade, Naila Nazirova, Rimma Mammadova, Rufat and Valentina Zeynalovs, Sima Feyzullayeva, Lyubov Filippov, Ella Almazova graduated from Baku Choreography School.
    The Baku Choreography School graduates people's and honored artists of Azerbaijan later joined the academic activities as highly qualified, professional staff and the successful outcome of these activities contributed to the international propaganda of Azerbaijan's national ballet in the 60-70-ies of the XX century.
example7     Baku Choreography Academy is established started to function with the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 30 April 2014 on the basis of Baku Choreographic School. And in accordance with its Charter approved by the decree dated December 26, 2014, No. 432 the Academy provides general education (primary, general secondary and complete secondary education), secondary specialization and higher education (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) educational programme and relevant directions of the additional education (training, re-training, internship and improvement of staff, repeated higher education and secondary specialization education, upgrading). At the Baku Academy of Choreography art of choreographer, ballet pedagogy, ballet artist, ballet history and other specializations will be launched. At the classical dance section of the Academy Azerbaijan's eminent ballet masters people's artists Madina Aliyeva, Gulagasi Mirzayev, honouored artists Rimma Isgandarova, Tamilla Mammadova, honoured teacher Pulumb Aqalıu, at the national dance section people's artists Yusif Gasimov, Rufat Khalilzade, honored artists Sabina Gasimova, Eteri Jafarov, Sanan Huseynli and others are involved in pedagogical activity.
    Besides it, the Academy held scientific-practical conferences and the conference materials were published during this period. Also the preparations still continue for the scientific-practical conference "The topical problems of art of choreography ", First Republic contest of Classic and National Dance named after Qamar Almaszade. The Academy's proffesor and teacher staff have revised the appropriate curricula and teaching programs, also it is planned to preapare methodical instructions, manuals and other materials for separate areas of chreography art. Steps are taken to publish "Scientific works" collection and a scientific-theoretical journal.
example7     In recent months, the Academy takes an active part at the state events held at the Republic's level as well as the nights of jubilee and creativity, exhibitions, concertos and other cultural events.
    The Academy has marked the 100th anniversary of great master craftsmen Qamar Almaszade and Alibaba Abdullayev at a high level.
    The Academy's pupils and students were distinguished at the International Ballet Festival named after Chebukiani held in Georgia and a ballet contest held in Russia's Astrakhan oblast, also the Academy's teacher-choreographers showed performances at the 70th anniversary of the Lithuanian National Art School.
    The Academy has signed cooperation agreements with Moscow State Choreography Academy and the Russian Ballet Academy named after Vaganova in St. Petersburg, also with Moscow State Arts Institute, Lithuanian National Art School named after M.K. Čiurlionis. Negotiations were held with choreographers of several world countries to organize master classes at Baku Choreography Academy.

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